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The Adventure Moles Star Rail: Find Honkai Updates Here!

The below article covers all the vital information and the gameplay of The Adventure Moles Star Rail quest.

Do you get a kick out of the chance to play video games? Have you found out about Honkai: Star Rail? Honkai: Star Rail is a fresh out of the box new space dream computer game, which turns into an Overall moving game. The starting date of this game was 26 April 2023.

Inside a couple of days, the game turned out to be well known to such an extent that gamers from various nations constantly looked for The Adventure Moles Star Rail to gain proficiency with the tips and deceives to open the game. On the off chance that you are likewise one of them, if it’s not too much trouble, go through the whole article to figure out how to play Honkai: Star Rail.

Depiction: All the data referenced here is for instructive purposes as it were. We have accumulated every one of the subtleties from real and reliable sources.

How to open the Courageous Moles in Honkai: Star Rail?

As the Brave Moles is the third mission of the game, you really want to open the past two journeys, which are: Snare’s Fortune Journey and The Bring Mission back. When you complete the initial segment of the Jarilo-VI mission and rout Cocolia, the Gutsy Moles will open. Likewise, you should be at the Pioneer level 29 to open The Gutsy Moles Honkai Star Rail mission.

Then, you can take the journey from Julian. This Brave Moles mission expects you to look for the secret pages of a book. The book’s pages are concealed in four distinct areas. Subsequent to finding every one of the missing pages and finishing the journey, the victor will get 30× Heavenly Jade, 6× Meager Aether, 100× Pioneer Exp, 6000× Credits, and 100× Safeguard.

What are the four areas of The Adventure Moles Star Rail journey?

  1. Great Mines
  2. Backwater Pass
  3. Rivet Town
  4. Silvermane Gatekeeper Limited Region

Every one of the previously mentioned areas have one book page and a riddle to wrap up. When you complete every one of the necessities, go to Natasha’s Center’s entry and meet Julian in Stone Town to take the mission. Presently, you can go to every area and complete the undertakings for The Courageous Moles Honkai Star Rail journey.

Extraordinary Mines:

  • Go to the Incomparable Mines through the guide and gather “The Missing Digger Light” page. You can track down the page on one of the barrels.
  • Presently, go to one side, and with the signs and clues from the Courageous Mole book, put the excavator light in the right position.
  • Then, at that point, return to Julian and converse with him.

Backwater Pass:

  • Go to the specific area through the guide to finish The Adventure Moles Star Rail mission.
  • Before the structure, you will get the subsequent page, “The Surprising Material,” from the seat.
  • Presently, make a beeline for the left and set the seat in the specific situation on the table.

Bolt Town:

  • Bolt Town is the third area of the mission that you will track down through the guide.
  • Behind the barrels, you can find the third page, “The Cartons Are The Keys,” on the little table.
  • Then go to the left side and gather the top box from the rack.
  • Presently, go to the following rack, on the right, and put the crate in the subsequent line.

Silvermane Gatekeeper Limited Region:

  • It is the fourth area of The Courageous Moles Honkai Star Rail journey that you can track down through the guide.
  • From the wall, you can view as the “Expedition On The Front line” page.
  • Put three weapons at each rack around there.
  • Go to Julian and talk with him.
  • At last, go to Nika to give up every one of the pages and complete the journey.

Is any update accessible for the Honkai: Star Rail via online entertainment?

Assuming you check our “Online Entertainment Connections” area, you will see new updates to this computer game. The authority Twitter record of Honkai: Star Rail posts everyday updates of the game on Twitter.

Virtual Entertainment Connections:



Computer game darlings should attempt this game. As you most likely are aware about the tips of The Adventure Moles Star Rail mission, dominating the match for you is simpler. To build your fervor, click on the connection to watch the trailer of Honkai: Star Rail-

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What was the delivery date of Honkai: Star Rail?

Ans. 26th April 2023.

Q.2 Where might we at any point play the game?

Ans. Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and 5.

Q.3 What is the principal area of the Brave Mole mission?

Ans. Incredible Mines.

Q.4 Where might we at any point track down Nika?

Ans. At the Regulatory Area.

Q.5 Who is the designer of the game?

Ans. HoYoverse.

Q.6 What’s the name of Honkai: Star Rail’s maker?

Ans. David Jiang.

Q.7 Could we at any point play the game with an accomplice?

Ans. No.

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