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Cherneka Johnson Twitter: What is Boxrec Height? Check Boxing Instagram Updates Now!

This post is detailed information about the Australian professional boxer Cherneka Johnson Twitter and the latest controversy associated with her.

Do you watch bouts? Do you realize about the forthcoming championship of IBF super bantamweight among Cherneka and Ellie Scotney? If not, we will talk about the viral news moving via online entertainment stages connected with the match. Individuals are interested about the as of late delivered pictures of Cherneka Johnson. The fighter is drawing at the center of attention in the US and the Unified Realm.

Look at the post for additional subtleties on Cherneka Johnson Twitter post, her coordinated effort with just fans, and her vocation history. Follow the blog to know more.

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For what reason is Cherneka Johnson moving on Twitter?

The 28-year-seasoned pro fighter Cherneka Johnson Twitter is set to show up in the ring against Ellie Scotney to shield her title for the IBF Super Bantamweight title. The match is on Saturday, tenth June 2023, at Wembley Arena.

However, before the Fight, Cherneka made a few declarations that caught everybody’s eye and turned into a subject of conversation on the Web..

Further subtleties of the contention :

Cherneka reported through her authority Twitter handle a cooperation with just fans. Just after the Twitter declaration, Cherneka showed up in her weigh-in body, painting the top with a logo of just fans on the front. This striking move by the boss made a buzz among the crowd as Ellie and Cherneka confronted each other for the championship photoshoot.

The declaration of Cherneka’s joint effort with Elle Brooke was posted on Sugar Neekz’s true Instagram page, where Elle and Cherneka shot a video together for advancement purposes.

Cherneka Johnson Account :

  • Name : Cherneka Lee Johnson.
  • Age: 28
  • Date of birth: third Walk 1995
  • Origin: New Zealand, Tauranga.
  • Calling: Fighter.
  • Ethnicity: New Zealand.
  • Loads: Super-bantamweight, Bantamweight, Super flyweight.
  • Position: Customary
  • Kin: 2

Cherneka Johnson: Vocation Course of events

Cherneka Johnson made her presentation as an expert fighter on ninth April 2016 and is dynamic as of not long ago. Cherneka has played around 16 sessions and 81 rounds in her seven years while addressing Australia with a 37.5% KO record. Cherneka’s Boxrec shows a world positioning of #4/190 and a public positioning of #1/7.

Cherneka is a New Zealand-conceived fighter who later moved to Australia. Cherneka plays under the super bantamweight classification. She is set to play her seventeenth session on Saturday night to guard her title.

Web-based entertainment URLs :


It is normal for contenders partaking in Titles to create a ruckus in weigh-ins to stand out for the general population. By the by, Cherneka’s body paint has taken things excessively first rate from the new contentions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Cherneka Johnson?

Cherneka Johnson is an expert fighter illustrative of the Australian boxing crew.

  1. What is the moniker of Cherneka Johnson?

Cherneka Johnson is otherwise called Sugar Neekz Johnson.

  1. Why is Cherneka Johnson in conversation via virtual entertainment stages as of late?

In front of Cherneka’s championship, she turned up topless with just body paint, which made truly a mix on the Web.

  1. What are the significant features of Cherneka Johnson’s profession?

Cherneka has come out on top for the IBF bantamweight title 15-1 with only one match rout from Shannon O’Connell.

  1. What is Cherneka Johnson Level?

This data isn’t referenced in any web sources, so we haven’t had the option to find out.

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